Pause the applause.

Image by Zanthi Galiatsatos

Corruption is such that people are led to believe that a war is taking place for reasons they are being told — but the truth is never so simply revealed. Instead, the truth is drowned in blood and buried beneath bodies that rose to supposedly shield it from harm. If the truth were able to speak, it would be met with world chaos, denial, and despise.

People don’t like to hear the truth because it’s not always easy to hear or understand. For this, they prefer the lies — especially the ones they truly believe to be true. People like stories about villains and heroes and hope for happy endings.

And as war is waged, the people in it suffer and die, while the people on the outside applaud the hero that faces the villain; both sides have terrified men, women, and children stand behind, disempowered and unprepared to face the fatal feud.

A feud that has led those involved to their demise, destitute, displacement, and all in the name of freedom and country.

There are no heroes, legends, great leaders in war — these are words used to distract us from one sad truth…

In war, there are only victims.

Article originally published on Feb 28, 2022 on:



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